Make your own Wedding Rings 

Are you getting married in 2017 - 2018?          This is your most romantic WEDDING RING Experience!

                                                                                   Last website update: February 2016

                       You are guided by a 'hands-on' Master Jeweller throughout the Process

                      Contact your personal Jeweller, Eckart Schillings in Australia on: 0423 709799

"No other Rings are more personal than the ones you made for each other!"

Engagement Rings are a serious Promise.

Wedding Rings are a symbol of Commitment that will last a lifetime.

Design and make your own Wedding Rings, guided by a professional Jeweller
Contact us now to find out when you can spend the Day 
in the Jeweller's Studio and make your own Rings.
Studio is located at Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast, AUSTRALIA 

 Book well in advance, spaces are limited!

The Sunshine Coast is a well known international Travel Destination.

Spend a few Days or a Week in Australia and experience a full Day in a Jewellers Workshop!

This Service is exclusive to 1 x Couple only!   ( No Group training...)

Direct Flights available to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast Airport in Maroochydore. 

"I love to help People making Wedding Rings!"

Contact me now for your unique 
Wedding Ring making Experience.

Call or text: 0423 709799