Make your own Wedding Rings 
                                                                           Queensland, A u s t r a l i a

 This is your most romantic WEDDING RING Experience!

The process of making your own Wedding Rings

We design & manufacture a Pair of Wedding Rings within one working Day 

The first step is to discuss various Design options and come up with a Plan of Action.


We discuss the basic Ring shape options.

 Next we choose the Gold or other precious metals like Platinum or Palladium.

If we work in Gold, we start with the pure metal in the form of Granules.


We melt the Gold and add the alloying metals like Silver and Copper.

It is also possible to use recycled Gold, or  old Gold that you and your family might want to provide!

If we work with Platinum or Palladium, we will start to work with bars of metal.


Once the Gold has been melted, alloyed and cast in a Ingot mould, we have the Ingot Bar to start off with.    

    Our next step is to roll out and forge the metal into the required basic shape. 

The metal is then heated up to soften it ( annealed )


Next step, we form the bars into a rounded shape matching your ring size. 

The ends get cut straight, the rings get soldered.




After soldering we clean up any excess solder, using files. 

We start to work the Rings on a steel mandrel to get them nice and round.

 Once properly formed we check the size again and then Hallmark your rings.


Now we are ready to  file, sand and finish the Rings. 


Some get further work done with hammers to create a pattern on the surface.

Other rings are left with a fully smooth finish.


The last stage: The rings get polished on the buffing machine.

 This brings out that really beautiful high shine of the classic wedding rings.

Having said that, some rings get a contrasting matt finish that shows off the colour of the metal.

 Done...and finished...!

You successfully made your own Wedding Rings

This must be the most romantic way of getting your Wedding Rings! 

If your Rings require additional, specialised work like setting Diamonds etc, that can be arranged as well.

Eckart will do that work for you at additional cost.

 Contact us here to organise your own Wedding Ring Making experience. 

Please book well in advance, spaces are limited.

 The jewellery workshop is located at 255 David Low Way,  Peregian Beach

Sunshine Coast, Queensland 4573, Australia   

See some YouTube Videos about the making of Wedding Rings below: